I worked for the Independent Schools Information Service (ISIS) and Independent Schools Council (ISC), London and South East England Regional Office for ten years, where my responsibilities included organising school exhibitions across London and the Home Counties and writing articles for lifestyle and family and parenting magazines. During this time I spoke to and met hundreds of families searching for the right school for their child. Some were right at the start of their search and just wanted general pointers on when to start looking for schools and what to look for. Others needed more specific help to find schools that met particular needs and circumstances.

I believe that parents should make the final decision regarding which school they should choose, what I can do is ensure they have all the information at their disposal to make the right choice.

Since 2007, I have worked as a consultant providing families and businesses with educational solutions and working with independent schools to support their marketing efforts. I have run seminars and clinics for employees at global firms UBS and Deutsche Bank and helped individual families with their school searches.

Seminars and clinics give employees a chance to explore their options during the working day. It is particularly useful for working mothers to be able to take a short time out of their day and for employees educated abroad to get to grips with the often complex educational system in the UK.

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