Navigating the educational maze

In 15 years of talking to parents about schools, the educational landscape has continued to evolve and change. But there is one thing that has stayed the same: every parent wants their child to go to a school where he or she will be happy and thrive.

Successive governments have sought to give parents more choice in where their child goes to school but in reality you can do no more than make preferences on which state primary or secondary school they will attend and for many it is a nail-biting and nervy wait to find out whether they have been successful in securing a place at a preferred school.

Around 7% of children go to private school although this figure varies widely depending on where you live (in Surrey it is closer to 20% and in some London boroughs over 30%), age of child and whether there are selective state/grammar schools in your area. School fees are pricey and although many children win scholarships or are awarded means-tested bursaries, in reality only a fraction of parents who “would” actually “do”.

In this blog I hope to highlight some of the major choices and issues facing parents as they navigate the educational maze and help families find the right the school for their child(ren).